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  I have been a registered breeder of Ragdoll Cats with QICC Inc. since June 2002.

 Over the years I have been heavily involved with Qicc Inc.

 I have held the position of Secretary, president, executive member, and currently registrar.  I am also a group 4 (companions) cat breed judge and longtime trainee for group one (longhair cats).
    Ragdolls are easy to look after, they are cute and cuddly. 

  We recommend that your beautiful bundle of joy is kept indoors for their own protection and your peace of mind.

  These cats coats are soo soft and being semi-long haired they are so easy to maintain. 

  Ragdolls are a companion cat, they love to be with you and will  follow you all over the house, including  the private areas, such as bathrooms and toilets, and when you go out they usually just sleep untill  you return to them. 


These cats are a highly intelligent animal and very easy to train. 

They can easily be taught to walk on a lead and to do tricks.

You will never be alone again with a Ragdoll!!

But be warned..

Ragdolls are like cornchips... you carn't stop at just one.. :) 


I am located in the Redlands.  Which is just south-east of the Brisbane Tollway Bridge in Queensland, Australia.


All our cats are registered with Queensland Indepent Cat Council http://www.qicc.org.au/

QICC shows are held once a month, please check the QICC website/show schedules to find out where the next one will be.


Other cat councils in Brisbane whose shows we sometimes attend are:

CFCCQ - http://www.cfccq.org/

FCCQ - http://www.fccqinc.org.au/

QFA - http://www.qfeline.com/

Please come along to the shows and look at all the magnificent cat breeds, and especially

my beautiful Ragdolls.


 ** Please contact me in regards for availability of adopting a little prince or princess.**

 dont forget to sign my guest page before you go...  

Dee: (07) 3245 5764 between business hours if possible.





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